Another WWE Superstar Working On Undefeated Streak

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WWE has a lot of people on the roster working on their own records, but it looks like they might have one more undefeated streak to handle which ironically started on the same night that another impressive record ended. 

Drake Maverick has been feuding the Bobby Roode and Chad Gable, but it’s mostly been with Roode. Therefore, Bobby demanded a singles match against Maverick on RAW this week which was granted by Baron Corbin. What acting RAW GM Baron Corbin didn’t tell them was the fact that he was going to make it a handicap match mid-way through.

AOP jumped Chad Gable backstage, and although the babyfaces had a bit of a comeback, Drake Maverick ended up scoring the pinfall over Roode.

Now Drake Maverick has an undefeated streak in WWE. That was, of course, his first real match in WWE after making the jump over from Impact Wrestling where he was Rockstar Spud. Now it seems like his first match was a win so he’s boasting an undefeated 1-0 record. Good for him, but if I were a betting man that’s likely to change eventually.

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