Paige Defends Her Total Divas Fight With Lana

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Paige and Lana got into a pretty massive verbal battle on Total Divas this season which resulted in Paige saying she never liked Lana and things got emotional and pretty heated. After the shade and realness was over though, Lana and Paige made up on screen for the show’s sake, but you have to wonder how legit it was.

One fan said that they just got around to watching the episode of Total Divas where Lana was upset about what room she was given on a vacation which caused a huge fight between her and Paige. Then she fired a shot at Paige wondering why she took the course of action she did by chastising Lana as soon as she spoke up for herself.

Paige defended her actions in a big way by firing back saying: “Being outspoken about mature stuff is fine. Complaining about a bedroom and refusing to leave it unless someone makes you isn’t being outspoken it’s being immature. But that’s something Lana and I put in the past. Get the fuhhh outta here! Your opinion does not matter.”

It looks like they might have made up on camera, but that could have just been for the show. For whatever reason, Paige still feels totally justified by her position in this season’s Total Divas throwdown between Lana and Paige.

If you need a refresher of that caused this whole spat, you can check out the video below:

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