WWE Superstar Fired This Week On RAW

Baron Corbin likes to throw his weight around in a big way and this week was no different. In a backstage segment eariler in the night, Heath Slater and Rhyno were asked to see the acting RAW GM, and he had some bad news for them.

Corbin informed Slater and Rhyno that they only have so much room on RAW and they need to make a cut. Then he booked a match between the two of them saying that the loser would be fired.

When it came down to it, Rhyno beat Heath Slater around the ring a bit and it didn’t look good for the One Man Band. Then suddenly, Slater scored a victory out of nowhere and the match lasted all of two minutes if that.

Rhyno was left in the ring wondering what happened as Heath Slater left the ring with a job but apparently, Things weren’t all great for Slater either because when he got backstage, Baron Corbin handed him a referee shirt and told him that he’s not a referee. So apparently, RAW lost two Superstars this week in the end.

Rhyno is no more on RAW. Whether this means Rhyno’s contract is up is another story, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything if there’s any more to this story.

It looks like this is as official as it can be at this point, at least they’re specifying RAW and not saying he’s gone from the entire company.