WWE Is Preparing For A Huge 2019 & Beyond

WWE has a lot of their top Superstars locked into contracts, and they like it that way. But there are plenty more Superstars on the roster who could be of great use to an indie wrestling company. WWE obviously knows this and although they might not be sweating it too much, they can never let their competition gain too much momentum.

Mike Johnson discussed some of WWE’s plans during PW Insider Elite audio which includes some huge things for 2019. As WWE’s enemies gain steam, they are implementing even more measures to make sure that their audience will have even more content than ever in more ways than one.

“WWE is obviously trying to lock a lot of talent in for 2019 assuming the landscape is going to change and they want to protect themselves and protect their long-term future as much as possible. Which is if you’re WWE heading into the Fox deal heading into the new USA Network deal. Heading into what Vince McMahon has claimed will be sort of a re-imagining of the live even process, heading into creating more content than ever before for the WWE streaming network. You know you want to protect yourself as much as possible and I think that’s what they’re doing.”

Who knows whether WWE will be able to offer all of the talents they can deals that they will be unable to refuse. But they’re trying to apparently get as many people as possible because there could very well be a war coming up soon. It might not even be waged on Monday nights this time either because the internet and streaming services have changed the game dramatically.

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