WWE Made A Very Special Video For The Undertaker & Michelle McCool

The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are bonified legends in WWE at this point, and it appears that their time in the ring isn’t over yet. After all, McCool looked pretty good during her Battle Royal at the WWE Evolution pay-per-view so you can never count her out. As for her Dead Man husband, you never know when he could rise again as well.

McCool recently posted a four-part video on her Instagram that we’ve never seen before. But it highlights both Taker and Michelle. She said something about it being for career day which leads us to believe WWE made something special for them. Because we’ve never heard a video from WWE end with the narrator saying “you can be a WWE Superstar.” So if this was for their kid’s career day at school, that would be pretty awesome.

The video focuses on The Undertaker and Michelle McCool as well. Then they tie it all together by talking about their fan outreach as well as Michelle’s comeback at the Royal Rumble and WWE Evolution.

“Career day 2018… I’ve missed ‘putting smiles on faces’ with WWE,” McCool wrote in the Instagram post. You never know if she’ll be coming back for another match, but if I were a betting man WWE might be reserving a spot for her in Phoenix.