Maria Kanellis Has A Huge Bathroom Issue

Maria Kanellis gave birth to her and husband Mike Kanellis’ first daughter Freddie Moon and since then she’s been focused on being a mother and getting back into shape. She is back on the road with 205 Live, but still spending loads of time with Freddie. But she has a big issue with the bathroom situation she has to deal with as a proud momma.

Kanellis recently discovered that there was nowhere she could change her daughter when trying to make a town for WWE. It is a problem people without children don’t worry about often, but for Maria, it seems to be a constant battle.

“Hello, Fly2ohare This is unacceptable. The 1 & only family bathroom was full so I went into the women’s bathroom to the changing table. My daughter tried to stick her fingers in the outlet and the place was soaked. I am tired of losing my dignity b/c I’m a mother. #womensrights,” Maria tweeted out.

She also sent some awful looking pictures of the bathroom situation she was forced to deal with as well. So it’s totally understandable that she would be upset as any mother would.