Baron Corbin Explains Why Being WWE RAW GM Has “Gone So Well”

Baron Corbin was given the WWE RAW General Manager role as Kurt Angle was removed from power and forced to take a vacation. We have seen Angle return to wrestle a couple of times, but he hasn’t said anything about getting his job back as an authority figure on RAW.

But as Baron Corbin spoke to Booker T on Heated Conversations, he explained how much he’s enjoying the position of RAW GM and said that through that position he has been able to open people’s eyes on what he is able to do.

“It’s crazy because I do get to do double-duty because I am in the ring still and I’m getting to be the acting General Manager. I was given a lot of responsibility I was given an opportunity and I’ve ran with it and I think I’ve made a lot more of it than anybody thought I was going to so that’s why it’s gone so well. But it’s opened a lot of doors and eyes on what I can do.”

WWE RAW might be in a creative funk right now, but that’s totally Baron Cobin’s fault. But Corbin said he’s used to it coming from football being on the O Line because it was always his fault if things went wrong there too. He’s the RAW GM, but he can only do as he is told. In the meantime, it seems like he is going to continue doing anything he can to remain on-screen which is a good place to be.

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