Baron Corbin Shoots On His “Miserable” Twitter Trolls

Baron Corbin gets a lot of heat on WWE television as the RAW GM, but he gets even more on social media where the world has the ability to say whatever they want and he gets to look at it. That doesn’t mean Corbin has to like it any bit at all though.

While speaking to Booker T on Heated Conversations, Baron Corbin discussed the amount of hate he finds on social media directed at him and just what he feels about the people who continue to throw shade in his direction.

“It gives a bunch of idiots [living in] the reality that their opinion is valid and they don’t know how to express it appropriately. You know, the language, the insults, all those things. It just makes the world seem so unhappy. Like if you read the Twitter feed, it just seems like everyone in the entire world is just beyond miserable.”

He went on to say that it is a necessity at this point as well because it helps him advertise his brand. “But it’s just so crazy how negative it is.” It’s hard to please anyone and impossible to make everyone happy as Corbin continued saying.

“I think that Twitter gives these people a place to say whatever they want because there’s no repercussions for their actions. If you took all these people who said these things to me and put them in front of me their attitude changes so fast.”

If you cruise down anyone’s Twitter feed, you’re likely to see what Baron Corbin is talking about. It would be nice if things would change for the better and people could start getting along, but maybe it’s just better to stay off social media and keep living with that dream.

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