Aleister Black Is Not Comfortable Being Compared To The Undertaker

The Undertaker has inspired a generation of pro wrestling fans and future sports entertainers through his shoo-in WWE Hall Of Fame career. At this point, there are a number of people in the pro wrestling business who would have never stepped foot in a ring if it weren’t for The Dead Man. But no matter how much Aleister Black is compared to Mark Calaway’s legendary character, he still isn’t comfortable with it.

Aleister Black was asked if he considers himself the modern-day Undertaker by Lilian Garcia on Chasing Glory, but the former NXT Champion was quick to refute that. He understands why people would make that correlation, but in the end, there’s only one Dead Man.

“I understand why people would think that because there’s a certain element of me that has maybe [a dark side] but there’s only one Undertaker and I could never, never fill that void. There’s only one Aleister Black and I’m the first one. There’s no one, never going to be a second one.”

“The legacy that The Undertaker has made is — I don’t even know how to put it into words. Like he changed the landscape. Is Undertaker indirectly responsible for Aleister Black? Sure, because he’s opened the door for darker characters. He was the first one to really take it to that level and allowed an audience to see something that wasn’t so clean and cut.”

Black said he gravitated to Undertaker when he was older because he didn’t grow up watching WWE. He was 16 when he saw his first WWE pay-per-view and wasn’t aware of The Dead Man. He was a fan of New Japan and WCW because that’s what they had in Amsterdam. But when he saw The Undertaker character, he could relate to the character in a big way, however, he doesn’t consider himself any kind of re-envisioning of The Phenom.

“I would not say that I am the modern-day version of at one point day and time in WWE of The Undertaker, I am not. I also would not feel comfortable saying that. Darkness is darkness by definition but darkness can be interpreted in many ways. So he was definitely one that opened that door and showed the entire world something different.”

As Aleister Black’s character continues on in WWE, he is bound to continue drawing comparisons to The Undertaker character. Of course, Black is much shorter than Taker and has a different move set in the ring. But it’s not going to stop people from seeing Taker in Black’s character because “darkness is darkness” as Aleister put it best.

Only time will tell how long it will be before we see Aleister Black’s main roster call-up. But our fingers are certainly crossed in hopes that he will find a place to be utilized to continue his character on a much greater platform.

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