WWE’s Strange Reason For Moving NXT TakeOver: New York During WrestleMania Weekend

WWE moved NXT TakeOver: New York to Friday night so the WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony, a show that is historically long will be on the night before WrestleMania. A lot of fans thought WWE made this move so they didn’t have to compete with the Ring Of Honor and New Japan Supercard show at Madison Square Garden on that Saturday night. But WWE has their own reason why.

Bryan Alvarez brought it up on Wrestling Observer Live where he tried to explain WWE’s strange reasoning for making this TakeOver change as he was told.

“Their story is that, and you can see here when they say… what was the term? What better serves our fans, that’s the exact wording they used. Their claim is that the Hall Of Fame being on Friday and the NXT TakeOver being on Saturday, a lot of fans fly in on Saturday for the NXT show, and thus they don’t go to the Hall Of Fame. Because they flew in on Saturday.”

“So they’re claiming that they moved NXT was that if they moved NXT to Friday, everybody will fly in Friday and thus they’ll be in town Saturday for the Hall Of Fame. So this move was done they claim to help the WWE Hall Of Fame.”

It’s pretty fair to say that WWE didn’t want to compete with the ROH/NJPW MSG show. TakeOver is historically on Saturday nights, and not only that but pay-per-views on Fridays are inconvenient. But for whatever reason, they’re still moving NXT TakeOver to (as they claim) help the WWE Hall Of Fame.

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