Pro wrestlers deserve our respect because of what they do to their own bodies for the enjoyment of the fans. Vampiro has dedicated his life to pro wrestling and he has the pain to prove it. Unfortunately, it seems like all that abuse might have caught up with him.
We previously reported that Vampiro was in a wheelchair following a match at WrestleCade. Lance Storm continued to reveal on Figure Four Daily that he got to spend some time with Vampiro recently at an appearance at the WrestleCade convention and he saw something that troubled him about Vampire.
Storm no-sold the question about Vampiro being in a wheelchair. He’s not getting around too well at all, and apparently, he tried to get out of wrestling that night as well due to his ongoing issues.

“He spent a majority of the day trying to get out of the match because his — I don’t know if it was his knees or his back, his knees were bothing him for sure. He was moving slow and he did end up having a casket match on the show.”

The next morning, Lance Storm said that he caught a ride to the airport with Vampiro and what he witnessed was a man who gave it all for the fans. Because even though Storm didn’t say anything about him being in a wheelchair, Vampiro is obviously sacrificed a great deal in order to wrestle in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

“I bet ya it took Vamp a legitimate two minutes to get into the car trying to bend his knees and get his body into the car. And a good solid minute to get out of the car. So he’s certainly hurting. I don’t know how bad. I don’t believe for a second he was working because I saw Vamp at the other end of the security area and I was like, ‘I don’t think he saw me and he was moving every bit as slow.'”
“So he was hurting. I don’t know if it was just wear and tear or he took a really bad bump on the show. But I’m moving quite well and I like to keep it that way. I’m not looking for bookings but I had a good time doing the signing and it was nice to see a few people.”

It’s not unheard of for a pro wrestler to be sore after a match. Vampiro did compete in a casket match during the event, after all. But it’s still a bit concerning that Vampiro isn’t able to get around like he once did and he still takes bookings and plenty of bumps.
Vampiro made headlines due to his outburst during AAA’s TripleMania events and alongside Matt Striker, they make a pretty good announce team at Luch Underground. But now that LU is on a hiatus people are wondering if it will be back. In the meantime, let’s hope Vampiro isn’t doing as bad as Lance Storm made it out to appear.
On that note, you can check out a video of Vampiro at the WrestleCade show after his casket match. He gave a pretty great speech about everything he’s survived in order to continue on and then he shot on Crazzy Steve pretty hardcore.

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