Hulk Hogan Reportedly About To Sign New WWE Deal

Hulk Hogan was blackballed in many respects by WWE when audio was released where he admitted to being “racist to a point.” His name was removed from their website and the WWE Hall Of Fame. But recently, WWE seems to have warmed up to using Hogan’s name.

The Hulkster is appearing in WWE’s new opening video package, and Velveteen Dream is making direct references to him with his NXT TakeOver attire. But at this point, Hulk Hogan hasn’t been booked for a show in the USA by WWE in spite of them endorsing Hogan’s latest nWo reunion tour. He is also representing WWE at public events which is something he hasn’t done in quite a while.

“Hogan’s about to sign, but he’s not going to wrestle,” Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio when he was asked whether PCO getting an ROH deal makes him the oldest wrestler to get such a contract.

Hogan did make a return at the WWE Crown Jewel event and it seemed like if the Saudi Arabian crowd knew about the reasons he was suspended from WWE, at least they didn’t care. Things might be a bit different if they Hogan shows up to a WWE event in the United States, but this is a process that needs to be taken carefully.

Only time will tell if we will see Hulk Hogan appear down the line or very soon for that matter. Brad Shepard reported that Hulk Hogan is primed to appear at WrestleMania 35 in Metlife Stadium, the only question is what he will be doing. But it seems like WWE and Hulk Hogan’s relationship isn’t done by a long shot, brother.

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