WWE Is Frustrating The Indie Wrestling Scene In A Big Way

WWE is always looking to expand their empire and they’re not stopping at just being #1. NXT has opened up WWE’s eyes to what is out there in the indie wrestling scene and the passionate fanbase behind those Superstars. Therefore, guys like Ricochet, Walter, and Keith Lee have been snatched up in recent months.

This trend has also apparently caused WWE to tamper with some contracts which might be considered a bit of a shady business move.

But as WWE continues to pluck the top talent from the indie wrestling scene, it seems that Pro Wrestling Gorilla might be a prime target as WWE seemingly keeps targeting their champions. But as Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio, that frustration actually branches out into the entire indie wrestling scene as WWE is even going after people behind the scenes.

“There’s a lot of frustration, you know and not just [PWG]. Throughout the indie world, there is a lot of frustration that WWE is like trying to get everybody. Not just wrestlers, but production people, anyone that they can find that’s talented they want because they don’t anyone out there that can help the opposition. That’s it. Especially now when there’s at least a shot that there’s going to be real opposition and not like Impact which never did a good job of being opposition.”

Meltzer noted that it will be a very interesting time between now and March 2019 as to who WWE is able to snag and who is going to possibly help a new promotion. Although we previously reported that WWE doesn’t seem too worried about the possibility of All Elite Wrestling, they certainly seem to be signing as many people from the indies as they can, no matter if they’re in-ring talent or not.

WWE is also planning some big things when it comes to essentially turn the world into their own territory system with WWE Performance Centers and NXT programs stationed all over the globe. Therefore, WWE will likely need as many talented minds as they can behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera. While it might take a toll on the indie wrestling scene, it will possibly open up even more spots for people who are thirsty to come up and make a name for themselves.

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