Kevin Nash & Mick Foley Rough Up A Christmas Icon

If you’re a fan of Christmas then you probably know all about the Elf On A Shelf. He’s supposed to stay on the shelf, but apparently, he also makes appearances at conventions. However, Kevin Nash and notorious Christmas-lover Mick Foley aren’t fond of seeing the Elf outside of his usual place.

Foley posted a hilarious picture on his Twitter of Big Sexy and Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy roughing up the Elf icon. This was probably around the same time Matt Hardy was blown away by seeing a wonderful tattoo in his honor.

“GET BACK ON YOUR SHELF! Kevin Nash & I roughing up the Elf On The Shelf at Wales Comic Con,” Foley wrote. This was a pretty great picture, but it’s a good thing Foley made the convention at all.

The Mickster actually overslept and missed his call and ride to the con. Apparently, jetlag is not his friend, and neither is the Elf On A Shelf