Tyson Kidd on If He Has Any Resentment Towards Samoa Joe After Career-Ending Injury

As many fans will remember, Samoa Joe’s main roster debut didn’t go to plan. Whilst facing former WWE Tag Team Champion Tyson Kidd on WWE’s Superstars program, Joe hit a botched Muscle Buster, resulting in a career-ending, life-threatening injury to Kidd.

For context, to those who are unfamiliar with the incident, you can find a quick video of the Muscle Buster incident in question in the video below:

Kidd recently spoke with Jan Murphy of The Winston Whig-Standard to comment on whether he has any resentment towards Joe for the career-ending injury. During the passionate interview, Kidd explains that wrestlers never intend on hurting one another, and Joe never had bad intentions. In fact, Joe came to visit him in the hospital and continued talking to him as best as he could, apologetic about the situation.

“There’s an unwritten protocol when you hurt somebody. And when I say you hurt somebody, obviously it’s not on purpose, but it still happens. I know I’ve rocked guys before where I checked on them after to make sure everything’s cool.

“Joe did come to the hospital that night.

“We spoke that night. We would text throughout the time I was hurt, but I only saw him face to face when I got hurt and when I did see him that night, things were still up in the air with the severity of my injury. He was definitely remorseful and I think we all are when we hurt somebody and when somebody gets hurt under our watch.

“Stuff happens. We perform at such a high level so many days a week that things are going to happen. We just have to do the best we can to take care of each other and to let a person know that we’re there for them when they do get hurt.

“My first day back as a producer after two years, once I was out of meetings, he was the first guy who I Terminator-style sought out and found. And we had a very good talk and we’re friends. We get along great.”

With that conclusion, it seems that Kidd is nothing but thankful that he made it out alive, but does not hold any grudges towards the SmackDown Live Superstar for the botch back on Superstars that resulted in his career being cut short.

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With H/T to The Winston-Whig Standard for the transcriptions.