How Long Kevin Owens Is Locked Into His Current WWE Contract

Kevin Owens is currently out of action with an injury, but that won’t stop him from wanting to fight Elton John. He is one of those guys who made a big name for himself on the indie wrestling scene before coming to WWE. Naturally, a few fans would like to see him return to the indies.

Dave Meltzer noted on F4WOnline that Kevin Owens’ current contract is set to expire in the Spring of 2023. This means that Owens new deal which he signed this year was a 5-year contract.

There are a lot of reasons why WWE would be locking talents down, but as Brad Shepard recently reported, it probably has nothing to do with the possibility of The Elite starting their own pro wrestling company.

If anything, WWE might be looking to get Superstars to sign longer deals because they have way more money coming in as part of the new television deals. But Owens’ contract will see him in WWE for the next five years at least.