Former WWE NXT Superstars Apologizes For Controversial Comments About Slavery

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Former NXT Superstar Kimber Lee competed as Abbey Laith while with NXT and she is an outspoken individual who really loves animals. Lee is a big animal right activist, but the 28-year-old vegan recently made a comment that drew quite a bit of heat on herself.

While trying to make a point about how time changes things, she equated the slavery of animals to humans and how people eventually realized that one was wrong and it is only a matter of time before we stop enslaving and butchering animals too. This tweet appears to have been deleted, but the lasting effects remain.

This sparked a controversy online where fans were saying things like: “Idk who a Kimber Lee is but she is stupid comparing slavery and veganism together.”

Kimber Lee came back with her own response where she remained unapologetic for her comparisons and tried to further explain her point. She said, in part: “I know in my heart my intentions. I know my post was meant to empower and inspire people to stand up when something is wrong and fight against injustice. But one person with a little bit of fame didn’t actually read it, they saw a buzz word and tried to accuse me.”

So far, she has received support from people who realized she meant nothing racist by these comments, while others aren’t so convinced. You can read Kimber Lee’s four-part response below.

She still sticks by her claim that she was only trying to make a point about the ethical treatment of animals, and if you’re familiar with her social media activity this would certainly fall in line with that. She just apparently picked too touchy of a metaphor.

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