Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler Might Have Been Split Up By WWE

Drew McIntyre came up to the main roster to stand by Dolph Ziggler’s side but it was very soon made clear that WWE had big plans for Drew as well. He is being positioned as one of the top faces of the company as a menacing heel.

But in recent weeks. McIntyre has acted apart from Ziggler. Dolph suffered a slight foot injury that kept him off of television for one week, but he came back last week on RAW and answered Seth Rollins’ IC Title Open Challenge.

Mike Johnson noted that Drew and Dolph acted in their own stories during PW Insider Elite audio and speculated that they might be drifted apart while noting that we will have to wait and see. WWE can change their direction on an hourly basis, after all.

If that is the case, then Ziggler and McIntyre just won’t have much to do with each other in the upcoming weeks. But as heels on such a tiny roster, they’re likely to see each other again in one form or fashion unless they trade one of them to SmackDown.

If the former RAW Tag Team Champions are indeed no longer a team, it might have been done for a couple very good reasons, but perhaps WWE just didn’t want to spoil the surprise of Ziggler answering Seth Rollins’ big challenge on RAW this week.