WWE SmackDown Superstar Jokes About Big Guaranteed Contracts

WWE has a lot of money to throw around because not only are they the largest pro wrestling company in the world, but they’re also pretty good at what they do. At least they’re notably successful.

Superstars have an option to not take the contracts offered to them and seek out their own fortunes, but there is a reason why WWE is so attractive because it pays more. You don’t even have to be a main eventer in order to pull down a very respectable living, especially if you have merch money coming in as well.

Karl Anderson recently responded to a fan telling him to buy his children a PS4 by saying: “Come on bro you know we gotta PS4 upstairs, Xbox downstairs, and each boy has their own Nintendo Switch ..Luke Gallows n I didn’t sign those #BigGuaranteedContracts just to sit n look at the [money]” then he included a LOL emoji.

This was a pretty interesting statement to make on his part. But Anderson has been pretty vocal on Twitter recently. It’s awesome that he’s able to load his kids up with video games, but it makes you wonder if there was some other underlying meaning in that joke.