WWE SmackDown Superstar Says Fans Don’t See Them As Human Beings

WWE Superstars have a lot of responsibilities and one of the biggest parts of their jobs is dealing with the fans. But apparently, some fans can take it a big too far.

Superstars are people too so if you see one in public, don’t demand anything from them because they’re not on the clock. Be respectful and try to understand that they might have come off of a hard day of travel or in the ring.

One fan commented to The Young Bucks saying that they would love to see them struggle. This prompted Matt Jackson to make a comment about how hard thtey hard to work for the first decade plus of their careers.

Then Karl Anderson, who had a long career on the indies and in NJPW before coming to WWE commented back saying: “Fans don’t look at us as human beings.” This is a sad way to put it, but he might be right.