WWE Scrapped Plans For An Elias Title Run

Elias turned babyface on the same episode of RAW that Roman Reigns made his sad announcement about having leukemia and needing to take time off. This left a huge hole on the babyface side of things and Elias filled that void.

WrestleVotes reports that WWE’s plan for Elas before Roman Reigns’ leukemia announcement were much different. In fact, they also included Dean Ambrose’s heel turn.

It is reported that Ambrose was supposed to turn heel by screwing Seth Rollins out of the IC Title. Rollins’ opponent was going to be Elias. Therefore, due to Reigns’ departure we missed out on a heel Elias running with the IC Title.

If I were a betting man WWE changed up way more plans than just that recently. But not seeing Elias with the IC Title as a heel could have been a lot of fun.