Possible Reason For Big Show Being Written Out Of WWE Storyline

The Big Show punched Cesaro in the face in a backstage segment before SmackDown Live this week meaning that The Bar has lost their giant insurance policy. But this is a very sudden turn of events, even for Big Show.

Some fans have commented about how strange it was for this heel turn to supposedly be reversed only a few short weeks after The Bar and Big Show formed a trio, but a possible injury for Big Show might be the cause for this decision.

“I thought maybe it was an injury thing too because he was so immobile,” Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio. 

Bryan Alvarez mentioned that Big Show is suffering from a hamstring injury at the moment and he was having quite a bit of trouble getting in and out of the ring during last week’s SmackDown and the Thanksgiving Feast Fight. Show was able to compete and even took a bump through a loaded Thanksgiving feast table, but he didn’t do much other than that.

Possibly, Big Show’s hamstring injury was enough to write him off of television, although Meltzer did leave it open for WWE to swerve the fans. For whatever reason, this sudden departure of The Big Show from The Bar’s side is an interesting turn of events, especially considering how short of a time it has been since Big Show’s heel turn which brought him to partner up with Sheamus and Cesaro.