What Kind Of Training Alexa Bliss Is Doing For WWE In-Ring Return

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Alexa Bliss was injured during a tag team match where she teamed with Mickie James against Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax. It’s really uncertain which spot she was injured in, but Bliss did suffer a concussion during that tag team match. However, her last match will not be at a WWE live event if she has anything to say about it.

Fans were instantly worried that Bliss might meet the same fate as Paige’s career where WWE made her retire far too young. Alexa was quick to shut those worries down. But Bliss is recovering from sustaining too many concussions in such a short amount of time and she’s not dealing with a scary neck injury like Paige which sadly means she is likely to never wrestle again due to spinal stenosis.

We previously reported that Bliss posted a picture of a WWE ring at the Performance Center facility and said: “Day One” in the caption. This was a big tease for her eventual return and exciting for fans who realize that it might not happen overnight, but Bliss is working on returning to the ring.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that Bliss was training yesterday, November 28th for a return to the ring. She was taking light bumps at the WWE PC, but she was being monitored by medical staff the entire time. Therefore, it’s likely she didn’t get too strenuous.

But when you’re dealing with an injury like Bliss’ you need to be careful. Her issue was that she suffered too many concussions in such a short span of time, therefore, in that kind of condition, a concussion is even more likely to occur once again. Only time will tell when Bliss will actually make it back to the ring, but it looks like she’s doing all she can right now to make that a possibility.

In the meantime, it’s good to know WWE is going to keep her around on television to keep her character relevant until that time comes. If anything, it might also extend her career as she proves that Little Miss Bliss makes a fine backstage authority figure.

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