Tony Schiavone had his chance with WWE, but Stamford was so expensive to live in so he went back to WCW. About a week into going back, he knew he had made a mistake, but Vince McMahon encouraged him to ride it out because Tony had young children and didn’t need to be moving them again.
Schiavone recently spoke to Why It Ended and revealed that after over a decade with WCW during his second run with the company, and surviving the Monday Night Wars, that it was time for a different career move as a Starbucks barista.

“I started working for Starbucks because I had some extra time. Not because I was desperate and needed money but I love Starbucks and I had extra time on my hands and I thought, ‘You know what, I’m gonna give it a shot.’ And I did it for 15 months and thoroughly enjoyed it and you know what the hell?”
“I mean look, Tony Schiavone never ever, never ever shied away from doing work. I always rolled up my sleeves and worked harder than anybody and the fact that you’d see me at Starbucks working the window or mopping the floors or whatever, what the hell? Why not? So I really enjoyed it for 15 months then I got so busy with the Georgia Bulldogs and doing baseball and then started doing the podcast and doing appearances and things like that that I just told Starbucks ‘I just don’t have time for it, I’m sorry.'”
“But the fact that you know that somebody says, ‘Oh Tony went to work at Starbucks because he’s desperate.’ No, Tony went to work for Starbucks because he always wanted to give it a try and he had some time to do it.”

Some people have to work at Starbucks because they have no other choice, but for Schiavone, after becoming a world-renowned broadcaster, apparently making Pumpkin Spice Lates was on his bucket list. It’s nice to have career goals, but thankfully, Schiavone realized that for his broadcasting career and resurgence into the pro wrestling world to step into high gear he needed to say goodbye to Starbucks.
Only time will tell  what kind of career aspirations Schiavone has from this point on, but as he continues on his current path he might be staying too busy to pick up another part-time food service job.
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