Samoa Joe used to use his Muscle Buster move on a regular basis and opponents fear it with good reason. The move was not only impactful but it got the job done making it difficult for anyone to kick out after taking such a devastating maneuver.
The Muscle Buster hasn’t been seen in WWE since it wasn’t seen at all during a dark match against Tyson Kidd. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons from the match being impromptu, to Kidd taking the move wrong. But it still didn’t turn out as expected.
Tyson ended up with a broken neck that drastically changed the course of his career. Joe, who was in NXT at the time and appearing on Raw in a dark match setting, had to wait in developmental for a bit longer after that as well and the Muscle Buster seemed to be pulled from his move set.
But it seems that the Coquina Clutch has been Joe’s go-to finisher for a while and that doesn’t seem to get much of a switch-up. However, if you ask Joe, the Muscle Buster is not dead. As he spoke to City Pages about his old move, he said that there is still a big chance we’ll see it again.

“The Muscle Buster is something I use at my pleasure when I choose to. Trust me, when the opportunity arises and the conditions are right, you never know what I’ll pull out. Maybe I’m not ready to pull it out of my arsenal yet.”

Therefore, the Muscle Buster is not gone yet, at least WWE hasn’t banned it. However, it might be up there with the Burning Hammer where it must be preapproved and they can’t just do it all the time because of the possible dangers involved.
Only time will tell when the next time we’ll be seeing Joe break out the Muscle Buster before. But he’s won plenty of matches with that move in the past and if he has his way about things the wins will just keep coming for him, no matter which move he’s using to bring home the victory.

H Jenkins

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