Ric Flair had to change up his lifestyle in a big way over a year ago because he had a very bad health scare which resulted in a lot of his bowels being removed. His doctors told him his drinking days were done, but as he told the Steve Austin Show, there have been a couple rare occasions when he has drank alcohol since his health scare.
But as Flair explained the issue wasn’t the alcohol, it was the fact that his doctors were very afraid what one drink could lead to for The Nature Boy.

“I’m gonna be completely honest with you I’ve asked the doctor ten different times and of course, I’ll ask every doctor this because I refuse to believe. I have had — I can count them right now. At my wedding I had three glasses of champagne, at my daughter’s wedding I had the same or maybe one glass of wine/champagne, and while I was in Florida with Wendy this past week we were there for Thanksgiving, I drank about four beers.”
“So it’s not the alcohol that’s gonna hurt me it’s that the doctors are afraid if I had one it’ll lead to another and that will never happen. But I have had a drink but alcohol isn’t going to kill me. I probably have ten or twelve beverages with alcohol in them beer, wine or champaign.”

It’s good to see Ric Flair is doing better and able to stop at one or two drinks on a very rare occasion. Because we really need to keep legends like him around for as long as possible. Wooo!
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