Nikki Bella Denies She’s Back Together With John Cena

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According to TMZ, Nikki Bella will not be getting back together with John Cena despite posting a throwback image of the two together in a hot tub.

The former Women’s Champion continues to make the headlines despite the fact that she’s not an active member of the roster, and the reason for that is simple: people are interested in hearing about her life and seeing what she’s getting up to.

It’s not like fans are obsessed with The Fearless One but they certainly have an investment in her story, with Total Divas and Total Bellas playing a big role in that. She’s one of WWE’s few household names and as much as some fans hate it, the speculation over her relationship is intriguing to many.

In terms of the story it certainly seems like John and Nikki are still going to remain separated, with Nikki stating that she only shared the picture to reminisce over the last year of her life, although you have to wonder how long that’ll last. It’s quite clear to see they still have a connection, and although some feel as if this was all done for the sake of a storyline, the complexity of it leaves some questions to be answered.

Nikki recently took on Ronda Rousey at the WWE Evolution event, whereas Cena is on the verge of returning to the company once again starting off with the Madison Square Garden live event.

If they do end up getting back together it’ll certainly be one of the big stories of the year in WWE, and while you can deny that as much as you want, the company seems to put a lot of stock into what the mainstream media thinks.

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