Zack Ryder Makes Another Reference Of Not Being Used On WWE Television

Zack Ryder has been with WWE for a decade at this point and he has been a part of several interesting angles. But for the most part, Ryder has been used to pop a crowd who still woo woo woo’s and then he’s on his way.

It’s frustrating for his fans that Ryder has never received a big push in WWE, but if I were a betting man he’s also wanting a big push to come his way as well. He shall remain focused and patient in the meantime and focus on his action figure collection.

We previously reported that Seth Rollins is bringing back the IC Title Open Challenge for RAW tonight. It seems like Ryder is down to accept the task as well. “I’m pretty sure that I’m free tomorrow,” Ryder commented while using the #StillHere and #AlwayzReady.

Maybe we’ll see Zack Ryder walk to the ring for a match against Seth Rollins tonight, but if you’ve been following Ryder’s career for long enough, it might not be the best idea to put money down on a win unless you double or nothing that he’s going to lose the title within a week.