WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross Hopes Not To Scare Women & Children After Recent Injury

Jim Ross recently had quite a tumble and he said that the concrete went over. His face a bloody mess and his eye looks like he was mugged. But Good ole JR is still carrying on.

When JR fell, everyone cared and plenty of people sent out their well wishes. Sabu wished Jim Ross had died, but that’s another story. Now Ross out doing his obligated appearances, even though he looks as though he’s seen better days.

“Jeez…I looked hideous…but I made my booking and hopefully didn’t ‘scare’ too many women and children,” he wrote on Instagram along with a picture of him alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler with a very excited fan.

It can’t be easy for JR to continue. It looks like he could still be in a bit of pain and his body is still needing to do some healing. But you can’t keep a good man down, and Jim Ross is one of the best, despite what Sabu says.