Cody Rhodes Seemingly Comes To WWE Raw’s Defense

Cody Rhodes might not be coming back to WWE unless they back the biggest money truck they can find up to his house, but apparently, he’s still paying attention to the product. A lot of fans tried to come down on last night’s episode of RAW, but it seems Cody was willing to give it a fair shot.

It’s been a while and Rhodes has accomplished a lot since he was running around as Stardust, on RAW but he was quick to come to the defense of his former home last night during the main event, or at least that’s how it appeared.

“Y’all being negative… Is it really that bad?” he asked. Fand commented in droves to inform Cody of their own personal opinions of the show.

This isn’t a sign that Cody is warming up to WWE at all. But it could be a good sign that he’s not willing to trash the product like so many other fans. Cody still has friends and a brother who works for WWE, therefore it’s hard to think he wishes bad things on WWE, but that doesn’t mean he’s willing to come back. He just might want fans to give it a chance.