Nia Jax Reacts To Nasty Fan Photoshop

WWE Superstars need to have very thick skin and with the amount of hate that’s been coming at Nia Jax recently, she’s had to put up with a lot. But at the same time, it also seems like she’s having fun messing with her trolls a little bit too.

We previously reported how some people backstage might be upset with her push after injuring Becky Lynch, and it seems that fans are on board with this sentiment as well.

Nia Jax recently reacted to a photoshopped picture of her which showed her busting out of her ring gear due to digitally-enhanced obesity. She didn’t seem to let it bother her though as she invited more comments directed at her.

“Hahahahahaha!!! Well I still look SEXY AF…. hate comments below ya you can even call me an “Irish” Jax too,” Nia said.

This kind of thing can hurt someone’s feelings very easily, so it’s a good thing Nia Jax can seem to take it because there is plenty of heat where that came from as long as Becky Lynch remains out of action.