AJ Lee made her exit from WWE back on April 3, 2015, amidst the ongoing legal battle between WWE and her partner in CM Punk. While the legal battle has now concluded, Lee has been open in saying she has moved on from wrestling, and now focuses on other ambitions alongside her husband.
Over the past few years, WWE has neglected to mention Lee and Punk as much as they possibly can- likely an effect of the legal battle and the relationship between the two parties. In quite surprising fashion, Lee has made a resurgence in a new article posted to WWE’s website.
Every week, the photos section on WWE.com shares the top 25 Instagram posts from their talent. This list sometimes includes Superstars of the past. It is worth noting that Superstars like Lee have not made appearances in the section due to their relationship with WWE.
While not likely a sign of change, it is interesting that WWE has decided to include a photo from Lee’s Instagram account on their page. For context, Lee uploads fairly often but has not made appearances on the weekly list. Check out the post WWE has included below:

Do you believe this inclusion has any meaning behind it? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

Steve Carrier

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