Tye Dillinger Has A Valid Response To Becky Lynch’s Question About Making Excuses

Becky Lynch is currently out of action due to an injury that she sustained at the fist of Nia Jax. But The Man is rehabbing her injury and hopefully, she’ll be back in action very soon. In the meantime, she’s injured.

Seth Rollins isn’t Becky Lynch but he would like to claim that he is The Man. The Architect tweeted out: “Away game? Hostile environment? No Brock? No Bryan? No Ronda? No Becky? ….no problem. THE Man, THE Champ. The hardest working MFer in this business just wrecked Cincinnati. #ALLHEART #Starrcade”

This caused Lynch to respond, “I have a concussion and a broken face, what’s everyone else’s excuse?”

It didn’t take Tye Dillinger long to come up with a reply of his own when he responded, “Surgery.” After all, Dillinger has been out of action for a little bit due to a hand surgery. Hopefully, he’ll be back soon but at this point, it’s still a waiting game for him and Lynch before their return to the ring.