Jake Roberts Reveals Injury Might Have Resurfaced

Jake Roberts is a WWE Hall Of Famer with an incredible redemption story. He was able to pull out of a very dark place several times and with the help of DDP Yoga, and the support system around him, Roberts was able to really turn his life around.

The Snake spoke to the Joe Rogan Experience recently where he discussed some injuries he’s had over the years and one surgery he needed to have to remove bone spurs from his shoulder which he believes could be back already.

“It was bone spurs, I had three bone spurs and one of the spurs was over two inches long. Here’s the great news, I think I’ve got it back. I can move my arm and I can feel that f*cking thing in there go across the muscle. It’s like, are you f*cking kidding me?”

Roberts said that he hasn’t had it checked out by a doctor yet, but it sure feels like the same affliction coming back after he needed to have it surgically repaired not too long ago. Hopefully, Roberts will get some good news, but this is the kind of thing that can sometimes happen after years of taking damage in the pro wrestling ring.

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