Corey Graves Got A Big Surprise When US Marine Paid For His Meal

Corey Graves is the voice of Raw and SmackDown making him one of the most recognizable people in WWE at this point. But he never expected to get this kind of honor from a US Marine.

The Savior Of Misbehavior said he was recently out having lunch in an eating establishment when he got a huge surprise as a US Marine walked up and thanked HIM for his service.

“Just had a Marine thank me & WWE for all that we do, and then pick up the tab for my lunch. Albeit TOTALLY backward, it was much appreciated. You are the true heroes. Cpl. Metcalf, next one is on me! #ThankYOU

This was a huge surprise, I’m sure and if I were a betting man had Graves realized this was going to take place then he would have jumped ahead of Cpl Metcalf and paid for his meal first. But it’s still a pretty cool sentiment that showed Graves just how much his contribution means to WWE and the fans, no matter how much respect that particular fan deserves as well.