Vince McMahon’s life has been the pro wrestling business for decades and through that experience, he has seen a lot of things go down that changed WWE as we know it. With Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks apparently working on a new pro wrestling company, it seems like McMahon might be in store for another wave of competition.
Although it would take a lot for a proposed All Elite Wrestling to become a legitimate threat to WWE, Vince McMahon and his company could be hedging their bets at the current time to make sure that it doesn’t get too bad for them if AEW does acquire some kind of television deal.
Dave Meltzer spoke about the possible new promotion coming from Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks during Wrestling Observer Radio as he revealed that in the short time since the announcement that trademarks have been filed, WWE has already experienced another change.

“If you look at that [WWE] roster there’s a lot of guys WWE’s gonna really try to double down and try and make sure that they extend people’s contracts. You know I expect a lot of change from WWE from three days ago. You know?”
“It’s on [Vince McMahon’s] radar, don’t kid yourself. Once the MSG show happened and [WWE] blocked it and [ROH] got it and it got unblocked, everything’s been on his radar. That’s why ACH and these guys that they’ve known about for ten years all of a sudden they’re signed now that wern’t being signed before.”
“I’m sure they had a hint of some of this. I don’t know what they knew and didn’t know but I’m sure that they had enough of a — I mean look, they’ve been courting Cody and The Young Bucks hard, hard, hard and those guys haven’t committed and said ‘We’re coming’ and they’ve gotta be sitting there going, ‘Why won’t they come?!'”

It was noted that WWE was offering them “main event money” to come but Cody and The Young Bucks haven’t agreed to a deal. Although no money was specifically mentioned by Meltzer, he did imply that it was a lot.
Only time will tell what happens next in this situation. After all, WWE really doesn’t want Chris Jericho to be a part of this new company if he is in fact in this deal with them. But it seems like we’ll know our answers soon and it could result in WWE signing a bunch of people that they might just want to keep away from possible competition down the line.
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