WWE is currently the biggest pro wrestling company in the world and with the infrastructure they have, that’s not likely to change. But there could be some major players coming with The Elite if they can just get a television deal.
Dave Meltzer discussed the idea on Wrestling Observer Radio of some WWE Superstars currently being afraid to leave McMahon’s company because they don’t know what will be out there for them. But given the right climate, you never know what might happen down the line if some real competition comes up.

“There’s a lot of guys in WWE who are scared to leave because […] and believe me they’re not going to leave for a prayer but if somebody’s got you know a WCW-like thing out there, there’s a lot of guys that would leave, probably. I mean when WCW and WWE were going at it, guys were going back and forth all the time.”
“Again, the one advantage WCW had was they were an established thing essentially coming out of the Crockett territory to TBS, Crockett’s promotion on TBS to WCW. They were never starting from scratch. Starting from scratch is very difficult.”

Meltzer noted that ROH started from the ground floor as well, but it took a long time to establish themselves and  for years it seemed to stall and the same is the same for Impact Wrestling. If I were a betting man WWE is locking their talent into longer deals for a reason because even if Vince McMahon doesn’t have time to pay attention to what’s going on in the indies, he’s got other people in the company who are well aware.
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