WWE Raw started off this week with a bunch of people coming to the ring and ending up in a 6-man elimination tag team match. But how they were going to make that match happen and what they were going to do was very much in the air.
Mike Johnson said on PW Insider Elite audio that due to a couple very good logistical reasons, WWE didn’t have a plan for Raw until they were pretty much getting through the curtain.

“I’d say a couple of minutes before they went on the air there was no verbiage. The order of people coming out wasn’t set. The plan of how to get there was not set and some of the stuff you saw out there was very much the talents winging it.”
“Some of that stuff you saw in the ring was very much called in the ring as opposed to having a very set sort of series of sequences that were planned and meticulously memorized. One of the reasons this happened is they were on the West Coast so it was an earlier day for them then usual so they didn’t have as much time to get everything done and with them coming off of Survivor Series a lot of the plans were ripped up and rewritten and it was one of those days when they couldn’t decide what they wanted to do and they couldn’t make everybody happy which means Vince McMahon was probably like: ‘I don’t like that, pal let’s move on.'”
“So there were a lot of things that changed over the course of the day and there were a lot of things that led into that elimination tag that were kind of tossed out and I was told the veterans in the match were pretty much calling that thing and pushing it forward pretty much piece by piece and at times there were parts of it that were called in the ring where the veterans were calling from the corners, ‘No, no do this’ and things like that.”

We previously reported how Stephanie McMahon’s line about dismemberment was kind of out of place and might have come from her father through a write he approved. But if that was a line off the top of her head, does that make it worse? Also, the idea of that match being 23 minutes and them having to call it in the ring makes me want to watch it again.
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