You never know what can go down during a good old fashioned hardcore match in Mexico. Things recently got really out of hand and one wrestler saw the needs to let his opponent know that he didn’t appreciate the roughness by hurling a brick into the back of his head when he didn’t see it coming.
This shot knocked Cuervo out cold after Angel o Demonio decided to toss a brick at his opponent. Seriously though, bricks are not cool to throw at someone’s head even if they see it coming. But his opponent was on the floor walking away from him and Angel o Demonio picked up what was more like a cinder block and just heaved it at poor Cuervo who was knocked out, but quickly came out of it.
It was said that this was a receipt for some heavy chair shots that were laid in previously in the match at the LLB/Lucha Memes event. All of this went down on the +Lucha streaming service so the memes and video quickly hit the Internet Wrestling Community. Cuervo is lucky that he’s not muerto.
Needless to say, things can get pretty out of hand sometimes. But remember, these people are professionals so don’t try this at home because they probably took special training to learn the art of throwing a brick at someone’s head.

H Jenkins

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