Becky Lynch is coming off of a heel turn that didn’t last very long at all. The fans decided they were going to cheer for her anyway and after WWE Evolution, Vince McMahon had no choice but to answer the fans’ demands.
Edge was part of Becky’s heel turn as he tried his best on SmackDown Live to get her not to turn heel. However, as he spoke to Inside The Rope, Edge revealed when he was preparing for that segment on SmackDown 1000, he got a strong idea that Becky didn’t want to become a bad girl at all, instead she became The Man.

“The sense that I got was that she doesn’t really want to be a heel and I don’t blame her at all. When you listen to that reaction, you should just let that happen. Let it go wherever it wants to go rather than force somebody.”
“People go with Cena, with Reigns, it was forced, it was forced, it was forced — the flipside of that is if you force this thing that’s happening to try and go heel. You run the risk of apathy and no reaction and you don’t want that. And I think she was smart enough to see that could be the case. So I think she wanted to be a heel.”
“I think it’s possible to be a heel in today’s climate, I think a guy like The Miz proves that because he’s extremely unlikable. Becky is extremely likable and people get that sense. The people have been behind her, she’s kind of been that underdog story and they’ve wanted it.”

Becky Lynch is now arguably the most popular active member of the WWE roster at this point and she didn’t do it by turning full heel. Instead, with that heel turn, it was so recent that the remanents might even remain and a tweener character could have been instead created on a Stone Cold/CM Punk level which Lynch has addressed in the past. 
Let’s hope that Lynch is medically cleared for a return soon. Nia Jax gave her a terrible shot to the face which WWE is just using to get The Rock’s cousin more heat on television, but her backstage heat is likely still there. However, whenever Becky Lynch does come back you know Jax has a receipt coming to her and the rest of the WWE Universe might need to take notice as well.

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