As we previously reported, WWE Hall of Famer and legendary commentator Jim Ross recently had a bad fall- which resulted in graphic injuries. This had also prompted ECW icon Sabu to respond, claiming he wishes Ross would die as a result of said injuries.
Proving he is as tough as the meat that isn’t covered in his BBQ sauce, Ross recently made an appearance at the Oklahoma University football game and will be traveling to Winston Salem in North Carolina this Saturday for WrestleCade.
Through his social media, Ross has confirmed he will be traveling with two black eyes and a concussion- all of which were a result of the fall he took. In our previous post, we shared the original tweet Ross sent out, though the latest updates look far worse for the commentator.
Ross first sent out a photo, which shows his left eye completely shut:

He would then reveal he would be traveling to Winston Salem with the concussion, as mentioned above:

Ross would tweet out a photo revealing his headaches have gone down a little. The big news in this photo is that both of his eyes are black. The left eye appears to be more open and less damaged than in the previous post- but ultimately still very bad looking:

For Ross’ sake, we hope he feels completely better sooner, rather than later. Travel and work can be extremely difficult while dealing with the threat of concussions and injuries.
What matches would you like to see Ross call? Will you be attending WrestleCade? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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