WWE had a lot of options and their plans were pretty much locked down in a lot of respects and then Roman Reigns had to take a medical hiatus so he could beat leukemia. Although it appears that only the Raw side needed to change things around, WWE is an organism where everything must be considered in a bigger picture.
Daniel Bryan and The Miz were battling in a feud that started even before they had the current characters we know them as today. Every Superstar evolves during their time in WWE, but The Miz and Daniel Bryan’s stories seemed to have a lot to do with each other. This caused a rivalry and everyone wanted to see Bryan punch The Miz in the face and since Daniel won a very short match at WWE Super Show-Down, some thought that The Miz vs Daniel Bryan was done.
Apparently, there was thought of having them continue their rivalry into TLC, but that might have been changed as well due to the fact that Daniel Bryan seems to be on a much different path now as a heel WWE Champion.
“The Miz and Daniel Bryan’s blow-off was supposed to be on that but I figure that’s like scrapped,” Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer RadioOnly time will tell if WWE will continue The Miz vs Daniel Bryan in any way or if they’ll just save it for later, after all, they still probably have some unfinished business to take care of.
But at this time it appears that Daniel Bryan might have a different task to deal with at TLC as WWE Champion, or they might just give The Miz a WWE Title shot, but that might take some very clever storytelling with a heel vs heel scenario.
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