WWE Survivor Series will be remembered for a lot of things depending on who you ask, but for fans of Lars Sullivan, they know this was the night when his hype video first aired on WWE television — but it wasn’t supposed to happen that early.
Bryan Alvarez revealed on Wrestling Observer Live that apparently, Vince McMahon was so taken by the brute force of the video package that he insisted they air the video early because the initial intention was to debut the video package during the December pay-per-view.

“So apparently the Lars Sullivan video package that aired yesterday that aired on the main show, I guess they created that video package and I guess it was scheduled to air at the TLC show and I guess Vince saw it and said, ‘G*ddamn, get that on today!’ So there you go.”

Only time will tell if that means WWE is going to pull the trigger on Lars Sullivan’s actual WWE debut early or not. But it’s never a bad sign when Vince McMahon sees something that you’ve done and wants to get it on television as soon as possible.
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H Jenkins

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