Chris Jericho Livid After Airline Rips Him Off

Chris Jericho has racked up a ton of miles in the skies and he’s constantly getting on a plane so he knows how to travel in style. He has also made enough money in his career where he can afford a little bit of luxury. He needs to be comfortable so he can plan his next cruise.

But on a recent flight, Y2J was shocked to find out that he wasn’t given service proper for the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla. He got on board and apparently he was ushered to a seat that he didn’t pay for, in fact, it wasn’t near his standards.

“So I booked a higher fare seat Air Canada, & then got bumped to the back of the plane for no reason…NOT ACCEPTABLE! Stay away everybody,” Jericho wrote on Twitter.

It might be hard to get around Canada while banning Air Canada, but Jericho might have to find a way to make it work. But honestly, when you don’t get what you pay for then anyone has the right to be upset.