WWE fans didn’t expect to be sitting next to Enzo Amore when they bought their tickets for Survivor Series, but that’s apparently what happened. Real1 bought ticket for the show and came in wearing a wig and a hoodie to conceal his identity but it didn’t take long for his to take off his disguise and start spouting his catchphrases for the crowd. He was also very proud of the show he put on after his ejection from the event.
Amore was promptly removed by security, but as Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio, the way in which security did their job only made things worse for WWE’s position on the matter.

“So what happened was one of the security guards punched him and that turned Enzo babyface and they got him out of there but some people think it was a work. As best I can tell, it was not a work. The people backstage were not happy about this at all and it did, in fact, kill the next match.”

Amore was fired from WWE after allegations came out about him that were later proved to be untrue. He was never charged for a crime, but he still lost his job. Some say it was the straw that broke the camel’s back in regards to his backstage reputation anyway, but the man was still unjustly fired in a lot of ways — although the part about drug use in his accuser’s story was never denied or really addressed which is certainly something WWE doesn’t want either.
However, if Enzo Amore thought that he could get his foot in the door for a WWE return following Survivor Series by invading the event, he might have needed to rethink things because Superstars are very upset and not talking about it on social media. To top things off, a fan was injured during the entire ordeal as well.
If anything, it was a pretty great plug for this Whiskey A Go Go show tonight in West Hollywood. But at this point, he might have reignited the irritation backstage in WWE so it might not have been the best thing to do.
How you doin’? Enzo’s apparently doing great.

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