WWE Survivor Series featured a 5 on 5 Classic Survivor Series women’s elimination match and Nia Jax ended up drawing a ton of heat in the process and winning the match. She also had an incredible amount of heat on her in the process for injuring Becky Lynch last Monday which took The Man out of her scheduled match against Ronda Rousey.
As Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE might have wanted to keep Jax as a monster heel during the match, but they were also seeming to protect Bayley and Sasha Banks during the contest at the same time.

“I think the idea here for whatever reason and god only knows why they would do that is they were trying to protect Bayley and Sasha Banks in the finishes in this match. Because if you notice with Bayley she got one pin in the match and her elimination was a double count-out when she hit the Bayley To Belly on Deville.”
“Sasha was up on the top rope and all that but her own partner [Jax] basically cost her so even though she got beat she was protected her because of that and again it got Nia Jax over because they’re trying to keep with Nia.”
“Unlike in other situations with Nia Jax, her turning heel and trying to be a heel is actually working as a heel because people are so mad at her from what happened with Becky Lynch. So in that sense, it’s just a way to get more heat on her because the feeling is that people really like Sasha Banks. So that’s the whole deal.”

It was noted that WWE could always be planning Jax vs Banks down the line, but “Sasha Banks is already kind of buried.” Hopefully, they will be able to figure something out for Banks and Bayley because even though they might not win the big matches, they are still incredibly popular in a lot of circles, especially with younger fans.
So perhaps, WWE was hedging their bets by not giving Banks and Bayley definitive losses at Survivor Series, but only time will tell how things turn out for the Boss & Hug Connection from this point on because they were lucky to make it on the card at the last minute anyway.
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