WWE Superstars Ordered Not To Speak About Enzo Amore’s Survivor Series Invasion

Enzo Amore hasn’t been a part of the WWE for the better part of this year, but he made himself at home during WWE Survivor Series. Even though this time, WWE did their best to make sure his antics didn’t make it on camera.

Amore snuck into the Staples Center in a disguise and just like something out of a movie, he tore off his disguise at the right moment during AOP vs The Bar and he started curring a promo on the second row.

He was yanked down by security and removed, unfortuantely, a fan was injured in the process and she was later stretchered off. But if you cruise WWE Superstars’ social media accounts, you’re not likely to find any mention of Enzo’s stunt.

PW Insider reports that “pretty much everyone we heard from within the company was down on the fact Amore pulled that and there were some pretty angry wrestlers.”

It was also noted that WWE sent out word to everyone to no-sell the incident and not mention it on social media at all on social media. So you’re not likely to find anyone really talking about the stunt Enzo Amore pulled at Staples Center, even though Amore has already commented and he’s obviously quite proud of himself.