WWE Seemingly Working On Second American NXT Brand

WWE is fashioning themselves to be like a any other major sporting organization in a lot of ways and this includes the concept of farm teams. In a lot of ways, NXT is WWE’s developmental system but it’s more of a graduate school at this point full of people with years of experience. But there doesn’t seem to be a place for fresher faces to gain exposure, yet.

Dave Meltzer was asked by one fan about the possibility of WWE opening a smaller brand featuring the people we don’t see on NXT Television on a weekly basis. It was a good question and he drew a comparison to a AA team.

“With so many young stars at the Performance Center, do you think WWE could create a small brand featuring the guys exclusively doing the small PC house shows? Since NXT is so hot, would be good to have like minor/AA type of brand on the Network with a PC champ.”

Meltzer’s reply was “that seems to be being worked on,” therefore it is plausible to expect the current incarnation of NXT to expand in a matter of time. This is very interesting, we just wonder if this new AA Division of NXT might get their own TakeOver events as well.