Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of NXT TakeOver: War Games II, emanating live from Los Angeles!
Tonight’s main event is the titular War Games match, and this year’s showdown is between just two teams: The Undisputed Era, and the makeshift team of Pete Dunne, Ricochet, and the War Raiders. These two teams will go to war inside the daunting War Games structure, with the babyfaces looking to silence the heels once and for all. Bear in mind though, Undisputed Era competed in last year’s War Games match and won, and they have the advantage with starting positions tonight, so the ball is in their court!
The NXT Championship will be on the line tonight, as Champion Tomasso Ciampa defends against The Velveteen Dream! The feud for this match has been surprisingly good, despite it being largely overshadowed by the War Games match and the blood feud between Johnny Gargano and Aleister Black. That said, the Dream is fuck AF to watch, and Ciampa is the best heel around. So this match may not be the most anticipated, but it could easily steal the show.
And speaking of stealing the show, the match everyone will point to in that regard, is surely Gargano Vs. Black. This feud started a while back, when Gargano inadvertently cost Black the NXT Championship against Ciampa. Since his feud with Ciampa grinded to a halt, Gargano has since devolved into one with Black, admitting that he was the one who attacked Aleister in the car park a few months ago. Unsurprisingly, Black is furious and seeks revenge against the now-heel Gargano. This one is fascinating to say the least.
Which brings us to the final match on tonight’s card: Shayna Baszler Vs. Kairi Sane for the NXT Women’s Championship. Last month, Baszler defeated Sane with the help of her buddies, to regain the Women’s Championship. William Regal, unhappy with her tactics, booked a rematch between the two, this time with the two-out-of-three-falls stipulation! This should be a long and arduous match between these two, and I can’t wait to see it!
That’s the preview for NXT TakeOver: War Games, be sure to let us know which match you’re most excited to see! Remember to download the Ringside News app, follow us on Instagram, and enjoy the show!

Kick-Off Show

Charly Caruso hosts the Kick-Off Show alongside Sam Roberts and Pat McAfee. Sam congratulates Charly on getting a job with EPSN, and Pat makes fun of Sam for growing a beard. They run down the entire card for War Games.
Nita Strauss joins the panel – her new album, Controlled Chaos, just released yesterday. Sam Roberts said WWE fans have been riding her wave of success, watching her hit new heights. Strauss says, just like in WWE, women are exploding onto the music scene. Pat McAfee says she should be proud that she’s proving the best guitar player on the planet is a woman. Caruso asks her for her thoughts when it comes Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler, to which she says she’s in the “fight forever” club when it comes to these two. She says not knowing who will win is what makes this feud the most compelling.

King of the Bro’s, Matt Riddle has joined the panel to talk Gargano Vs. Black. Pat and Ridle have a bro-off and get the arena chanting. Kassius Ohno shows up and he says the word ‘bro’ makes him feel ill, and Riddle makes him sick. He says everyone thinks Riddle is just a nice guy but he can see that he’s a mirage, a loser, and he will expose him. Riddle says he used to like Ohno, used to think he was awesome, but now he sees that he’s just bitter. And maybe, instead of being bitter, he should be better. They both walk off as Pat stares on shocked.
We get an advertisement for NXT Vs. WWE in a League of Legends tournament. I had no idea this was a thing but it will be Seth Rollins, Tyler Breeze, Ruby Riott, and Cesaro, Vs. Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Dakota Kai, and Shayna Baszler. There you go.
The panel discuss the War Games match, and say Undisputed Era have all the momentum on their side. Pat says you would think they could do it because they are such a unit, but they’re takng on War Raiders, the WWE UK Champion, and the North American Champion. He thinks they’re going to get a lesson in humility. The rules for this year’s War Games match are a little different, which you can see from the graphic below:

And that’s it for the kick-off show, onto the real business!

NXT TakeOver: War Games kicks-off with The King of Bro’s, Matt Riddle, making his way to the ring!
Riddle gets in the ring an echoes the chants of the fans as he says, “Brooooo”. He says he wasn’t supposed to have a match tonight but if you watched the pre-show, you would have seen him be interrupted by Kassius Ohno. Riddle says they were supposed to fight next week but, seeing as they’re in Los Angeles and have two rings, he’ll knock Ohno out in both of them.
Ohno makes his way out and says Riddle is too dumb to realise that they aren’t scheduled to have a match. But he tells the referee to ring the bell anyway, and warns Riddle to bask in the spotlight while he can, because he’s about to be knocked out.


Kassius Ohno Vs. Matt Riddle

The bell rings and Ohno runs at Riddle while he’s taking off his jacket in the corner. Riddle turns however and catches Ohno with a leaping knee to the jaw and that’s all she wrote!

Winner: Matt Riddle

The fans chant “Bro!” as Riddle celebrates, and Ohno tries to get to his feet but can’t. Mauro Ranallo says that match lasted as long as a Hollywood marriage. Ohno still can’t walk straight as Riddle leaves up the ramp.

It’s time for the Women’s Championship match and Kairi Sane is out first. The Champion, Baszler is out by herself. We get ring introductions for both women.

NXT Women’s Championship

2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match

(C) Shayna Baszler Vs. Kairi Sane

The bell rings and Sane attacks Baszler in the corner with a dropkick, followed by shoulder thrusts. Sane ducks a lariat, trips Baszler and unloads some ground and pound. Sane with a neckbreaker, followed by another running neckbreaker. She chops the Champion against the ropes, then stomps off before hitting a running, sliding elbow. Baszler rolls from the ring, so Sane climbs onto the apron and hits a flying elbow.
The fans are chanting for the Pirate Princess as she gets Baszler back in the ring. The referee is checking on Baszler as Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke pull Sane off of the apron and throw her into the steel steps. Shafir throws her back in the ring and Baszler applies a rear naked choke. Sane struggles for a minute but is forced to tap.

1-0 Shayna Baszler

As soon as the bell dings for the second fall, Baszler runs across the ring and connects with a huge leaping knee for a near-fall. She lifts Sane and looks to apply the rear naked choke again but Sane fights it and runs her into the turnbuckles. Baszler doesn’t break the hold though, and she manages to get Sane to the mat with the chokehold. Sane struggles to the bottom rope to force the break.
Sane tries to kick Baszler, but the Champion grabs the leg and applies a single-leg Boston crab, then stomps on her head. Baszler applies a neck crank to Sane. Kairi escapes and looks for a roll-up but Baszler kicks-out. The Champion applies the rear naked choke again but Sane rolls backwards into a pin attempt to no avail. They get to their feet and Sane slaps Baszler on the chest, then punches her in the corner. Shayna gets the better of a striking exchange before hitting a lariat.
Sane suckers Baszler over the top rope and onto the apron. Baszler lifts Sane up for a suplex on the apron but, somehow, Sane reverses it on the apron into a DDT! They both crash to the floor and Duke and Shafir check on Baszler. Sane is back on her feet and Duke tries to kick her but misses and hits the steps. Same things happens to Shafir. Kairi takes to the top rope and dives onto all three women with a huge elbow drop! Sane gets Baszler back into the ring and hits her elbow drop for a pinfall!

1-1 Draw

The third fall commences and Sane hits Baszler with an interceptor, followed by a second, and a third! She lands two spinning backfist’s to Baszler, then goes to the top rope. Baszler meets her on the top rope and they brawl. Baszler gets the better of the exchange and looks for a gutbuster but Sane lands on her feet and reverses into a powerbomb pin for a near-fall!
Sane lifts Baszler onto her shoulders and hits the Alabama Slam, then goes up top. She looks for her elbow drop but Duke gets on the apron to distract the referee, while Shafir pushes Sane off to the mat. Then, Dakota Kai comes running down and attacks Shafir, then boots Duke square in the face – as Kai is prone to doing. Shafir and Duke team-up to beat Kai down on the outside. Next, Io Shirai comes out to even the odds and she hits a huge moonsault onto Kai, Shafir, and Duke!

On the inside, Sane gets fired-up and takes to the top rope. She leaps for her elbow drop and lands it… but Baszler grabs hold of her arms and performs a crucifix pin for the win!

2-1 Winner: Shayna Baszler

Baszler, Duke, and Sahfir leave up the ramp, with cocky smiles. As Shirai, Sane, and Kai look on from the ring.

We see WWE legend X-Pac in the front row!
Johnny Gargano makes his way to the ring for his match against Black, and gets some boos on the way. Black is out second and wearing an awesome jacket full of teeth.

Johnny Gargano Vs. Aleister Black

The bell rings and neither man moves. They stare at each other as the fans chant for both of them. They walk toward each other in the middle of the ring and Gargano slaps Black. Aleister responds with a kick to the head. He follows-up with some kicks but gets tossed through the ropes. Gargano jumps over the ropes but nobody’s home, and Black follows-up with a swift kick to the chest that floors Johnny.
Black punches Johnny against the apron, and Gargano slides back into the ring. He dodges some kicks and punches from Black and mocks his signature pose in the middle of the ring. He dodges another kick and delivers one of his own to the back of Black. Gargano punches Black in the corner, then tries to dodge more of Black’s attacks but the devil is used to it now. Johnny rolls from the ring, so Black fakes a dive and springboards back into a seated pose, but by that point Johnny had ran around the ring, slid back in, and kicked him in the head!

Gargano kicks Black in the corner, then poses, and the fans boo. Johnny Wrestling looks for a suplex but it’s reversed and the two engage in pin attempts, until Gargano gets Black in a surfboard-style submission. Gargano really slows the pace as he chops Black in the corner. Aleister starts firing back with some kicks, then kicks Johnny from the apron to the floor. Black lands a front flip dive over the top rope onto Gargano.
Black lands some more kicks on Johnny in the ring, before hitting a springboard moonsault for a near-fall. Black lands a superkick that knocks Gargano from the ring. He runs onto the apron and does a moonsault to the floor but Johnny isn’t there, and he lands on his feet. Gargano then comes flying through the ropes and hits Black with a tornado DDT on the floor!
Gargano gets Black back into the ring and lands a slingshot DDT for a near-fall. Gargano talks trash to Black as he kicks him, but that just fires Aleister up! They trade kicks and punches in the centre of the ring until Gargano hits a reverse hurricanrana – although to be honest Johnny landed on his own frickin’ head. Gargano comes off of the ropes and Black connects with a leaping knee and both men are down!
Gargano rolls to the apron – the side attached to the other ring – and looks to dive in for his spear through the ropes, but Black knees him. Black then hits a springboard meteora, followed by a head-kick and a German suplex for a two count. “This is awesome!” Black kooks for another head-kick but Gargano dodges it and hits a lariat. Gargano lands the Gargano Escape but Black rolls him up for a two count.

Johnny kicks him in the head, then hits the lawn dart to the second turnbuckle. Gargano lifts Black up, using his foot, like Black does before Black Mass. Then he performs the D.I.Y taunt in the corner, before he looks for his running knee. Black pauses him though, holding his hand up, and then rearranges himself into a seated position on the mat before telling Gargano to hit him with his best shot! Gargano takes his knee pad down and runs but Aleister ducks it, and looks for a roll-up but Gargano rolls through and kicks him in the head. Gargano hits the running knee and 12… nope!
Gargano lifts Black up by the hair and elbows him repeatedly. They exchange blows back and forth until Gargano dumps Black to the outside. Johnny runs for a suicide dive but Black catches him with a leaping knee to the face in mid-air! Back inside the ring, Gargano is backing off and asking for mercy but Black isn’t having it. He asks to be put out of his misery as Black lifts him up via his boot. Black swings for Black Mass but Johnny ducks it for a roll-up but Black kicks out. Johnny quickly transitions into the Gargano Escape but Black escapes. Aleister catches Johnny with a spinning knee. Black then takes down his own knee pad and hits a step-up knee to Johnny, followed by Black Mass but Gargano doesn’t fall! Black grabs him and tells him this is for all his sins, and hits another Black Mass for the win!

Winner: Aleister Black

Velveteen Dream is out first for the NXT Championship match, and he’s dressed like Hollywood Hulk Hogan!

NXT Championship Match

(C) Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Velveteen Dream

We’re underway and the fans are firmly behind the Dream. Collar and elbow tie-up and Dream forces Ciampa to the ropes for the break. They engage in some mat wrestling and Dream gets on the back of Ciampa and rides him like a horse for second, before slapping him in the back of the head.
They lock-up again and Dream forces him to the corner, this time Dream slaps him in the face. Ciampa kicks Dream and looks for The Fairytale Ending but Dream escapes. Ciampa manages to hold onto Dreams headband, then mocks him with it. Dream rolls from the ring to regroup. Well, two can play at that game, as Dream grabs the NXT Championship and parades it around. Ciampa chases him and they both get back into the ring and we have a stalemate.
Dream lands a right hand and a body slam before dancing in front of Ciampa. He hits a dropkick before yanking his head into the top rope. Dream follows-up with a axe handle, before putting his headband back on and doing a Hulk Hogan taunt. Dream hits a big boot, ala Hogan, and goes for the leg drop but Ciampa rolls from the ring. Dream takes no time though, as he goes to the top rope and hits Ciampa with a crossbody on the floor! Dream gets him back in the ring and looks for a springboard but Ciampa shoves him to the floor!

Ciampa beats on Dream on the floor before getting him back in the ring and stomping him down in the corner. Ciampa lands a running knee and Dream is KO’d. Ciampa then rolls backwards and slides on the mat the way Dream does. The fans boo. Ciampa then beats on Dream in the corner again. Velveteen rolls to the apron, where Ciampa pulls him by the hair and hits a neckbreaker over the ropes. Dream falls to the floor in front of the announce tables. Ciampa leaves the ring, slapping himself on the back.
Ciampa drapes Dream over the announce table and hits a running knee to the head. He gets Velveteen back into the ring and applies a sleeper hold. Dream struggles to his feet as the fans chant his name. Ciampa counters with a knee to the gut, then they exchange hands. Dream lands a nice neckbreaker to Ciampa and both men are down.
Dream connects with a running forearm, kip-up, and then multiple shoulder tackles. Ciampa kicks Dream, but he shrugs it off and points at him, ala Hogan. Dream this time hits the big boot, followed by the leg drop, and another, and another! Dream fires-up and gets Ciampa on his shoulders but the Champion slides off. Dream catches Ciampa  with a spinebuster for a near-fall. Tommaso leaves the ring and Dream hits a dive over the ropes onto him. Dream takes to the top rope, hoping to land his signature elbow, but Ciampa rolls across the ring. Ciampa throws him from the ring, but Dream grabs his brace leg and whacks it off of the apron. Dream takes Ciampa’s legs and performs a figure four leglock around the ringpost!

The referee left the ring to stop Dream, meanwhile Tommaso tapped inside the ring! The referee didn’t see it! They’re both back inside and Dream applies the figure four again. Ciampa crawls to the ropes but then Dream drags him back to the middle. Ciampa quickly reverses the pressure, but then it gets reversed back again! Finally, Ciampa gets to the ropes and both men are down.
Ciampa looks to suplex Dream but Velveteen reverses it and both men go flying over the top rope and to the floor! The referee counts and Ciampa takes his boot off, saying he’s injured. Dream gets up and is about to slide back into the ring around 7, when he realises he can’t win the title that way, so he throws Ciampa back in and slides in himself at 9. Both men trade shots in the centre of the ring, Dream almost hits the referee, but Ciampa takes advantage and rolls him up and holds the tights. But the referee caught the cheating. The referee and Ciampa are arguing when Dream superkicks Ciampa, then hits the Rolling Death Valley Driver for a near-fall!
Dream picks Ciampa up and looks to hit another Driver but the Champion fights off. Dream springboards but Ciampa catches him with a knee in mid-air for a near-fall. The Champion hits Project Ciampa but the Dream kicks out! Ciampa then leaves the ring and grabs the NXT Championship. He gets into the ring with the belt but the referee stops him from using it. Dream then connects with the rolling DDT onto the title belt for a near-fall! Dream takes to the top rope for the elbow drop but Ciampa gets his foot up. Ciampa hits the draping DDT to Dream but it’s a two count again! Ciampa can’t believe it!
Ciampa leaves the ring and rips up the floor padding. He then drapes Dream across the apron, looking to hit his DDT onto the concrete! Dream however climbs own and runs the Champion over the announce table! They’re both down on the floor behind the table, while the referee counts! Ciampa gets to his feet and hits Mauro Ranallo! Everyone’s distracted by that, but then Dream grabs Ciampa and hits the Rolling Death Valley Driver on the floor! He tosses Ciampa back in the ring, goes up top, and hits the Purple Rainmaker but Ciampa kicks out. The Champion rolls to the apron, so Dream immediately runs to the top rope, and looks for the Purple Rainmaker on the apron but Ciampa moves and Dream crashes to the floor! Ciampa quickly gets him back in the ring, then drapes him for the DDT between the two rings, and lands it on the exposed steel, and that’s all she wrote!

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa has retained the title again and both men are lying in crumpled messes on the mat.

The themes for tonight’s NXT TakeOver are “Mariana Trench” by Nita Strauss, “A Wonderful Life” by Bring Me The Horizon, and “Voices” by Motionless In White. We see Strauss in the front row.
It’s time for War Games. The air raid siren plays and the cages begin lowering over the rings.

War Games
The Undisputed Era Vs. Pete Dunne, Ricochet, & War Raiders

Adam Cole is starting the match against Ricochet, after five minutes a member from Undisputed Era will enter the match. The match cannot officially begin until all eight men are in the ring.
The bell rings and both men are in different rings. They try to goad each other into joining the others and it’s Ricochet who makes the move. Cole attacks him as soon as he enters the ring and they trade shots in the corner. Ricochet catches Cole with a headscissors takedown, followed by a dropkick. Cole rolls to the other ring, so Ricochet follows.
Ricochet chops Cole and looks for a springboard RKO but Cole reverses into a backstabber! Cole punches Ricochet on the mat, as he clocks ticks down to the two minutes mark. Cole hits a neckbreaker and looks to launch Ricochet into the cage but the NA Champ climbs off his shoulders. Cole hits a brainbuster and throws Ricochet to the other ring, where he drops knees to the head. Cole then shoves Ricochet’s head against the steel cage and rakes it. Ricochet kicks Cole and shoves him back, before connecting with a front dropkick. Cole rolls back to the other ring, but this time Ricochet runs, springboards off of the ropes in one ring and lands a European uppercut to Cole in the other! 10 Seconds left!

Kyle O’Reilly is out for the Undisputed Era and he storms the ring. O’Reilly lands serious open palm strikes to Ricochet. Ricochet has to survive for three minutes until a teammate of his is released. Ricochet gets between the two ring and fends off both men with kicks and punches but then O’Reilly catches him with a Dragon Screw Whip against the ropes! Cole and O’Reilly beat on Ricochet and slow the pace. Ricochet tries to fight back but he gets superkicked by Cole, and then Cole lands an assisted brainbuster.
The clock counts down and Pete Dunne is about to be released but instead, Hanson comes out. The big man comes into the ring and takes out both Cole and O’Reilly, landing running crossbody’s and even dodging Adam Cole with a cartwheel. Hanson hits running clotheslines to Cole and O’Reilly in the corner, literally about eight times each. Hanson stacks them both in the same corner and hits an Bronco Buster! Ricochet rejoins Hanson. The big man kneels, so Ricochet can run off his back and hit a shooting star press to O’Reilly!

Cole hits Ricochet, then he and Cole take down Hanson. Ricochet chops Cole in the corner and the clock begins to tick down again. This time it’s Roderick Strong who joins the match. He comes in flying, chopping Ricochet and Hanson, then dropkicking the North American Champion. Roddy lands two flying knees in the corners, before two backbreakers to Ricochet, and a torture rack backbreaker! He looks for another flying knee to Hanson but the big man grabs him, but Cole kicks him in the head. O’Reilly kicks Hanson repeatedly, including an axe kick before Roddy lands an Angle Slam! The Undisputed Era are in form control as the fans chant their name.
It’s time for another guy to enter the fray, and once again Pete Dunne wants to but Rowe shoves him back and he runs down to the ring. Rowe takes everybody out with impressive striking until O’Reilly leaps onto his back with a sleeper hold. Cole runs at Rowe, who hits a Urinagi to Cole, with O’Reilly still on his back! Rowe then spins O’Reilly around into a power slam position, but Hanson places Strong on him for a powerbomb/powerslam combo to Strong and O’Reilly. The War Raiders start to descend upon Adam Cole, who backs-up and right into Ricochet. Cole tries to escape but Hanson and Rose lift him up and launch him into the cage like a lawn dart! Things slow down as we approach the final count on the clock.
Bobby Fish is released and, instead of coming down to the ring, he goes over to Pete Dunne’s cage and attacks Dunne! He uses his own padlock to double-lock Dunne, then throws the key away. Pete can’t get out and, as Ranallo points out, Dunne has to enter the match for it to officially start! Fish runs down to the ring but stops to grab weapons from underneath first. He hands four chairs into the ring, with Undisputed Era logos on them.

Fish, Strong, Cole, and O’Reilly land chair shots to everyone in the ring! Dunne is back on his feet and shaking the cage door. The Undisputed Era pose with their chairs before launching Hanson into the steel cage, and Rowe is smashed onto a chair via Roderick Strong. The foursome then launch Rowe into the cage with such force that it looked like it might break. O’Reilly and Fish maintain the attack on War Raiders, while Cole and Strong beat on Ricochet.
The clock counts down one last time but Dunne can’t be released. The referees try to open the lock but they can’t. Meanwhile, Undisputed Era are dominant in the ring. Strong hits a superplex to Hanson, while Fish hits one to Rowe on the other side of the ring. Cole stands on the top rope, facing Dunne, and talking trash. The referee’s come back out with bolt cutters and manage to free Dunne from the cage! Dunne makes his way down to the ring, but The Undisputed Era are blocking the cage door. Dunne grabs a Kendo stick from under the ring and beats them away from the door. He whacks the door against Strong, then goes back under and grabs more weapons. Ricochet jumps off of the top of the cage onto the foursome. The War Raiders are back on their feet as Dunne throws a trash can, then another, and two tables into the ring!
Dunne enters the match and the door is locked. Dunne beats Strong and O’Reilly with the Kendo stick, then Fish and Cole as well. War Raiders set up a table between the two rings, standing against the cage. Ricochet with a Kendo Stick, Dunne with a steel chain, and War Raiders with Kendo sticks, surround the foursome and unleash an attack! Dunne performs some joint manipulation to Kyle O’Reilly, while War Raiders beat on Strong. Cole manages to attack Dunne’s injured leg, then tosses Ricochet into the cage. Hanson and Rowe are the only men standing and they put a trash can onto Cole’s head. Rowe lifts Hanson and throws him onto Cole and the trash can. Rowe bodyslams Hanson onto O’Reilly, then they hit a springboard clothesline/German suplex to Strong. Fish breaks up the first pin attempt of the match.

War Raiders look to hit the same move to Fish but when Hanson jumps onto the middle rope he gets smashed with a trash can! O’Reilly and Fish double-team attack Rowe, and floor him with stereo kicks! Cole lands a backstabber to Ricochet, then Undisputed Era stalk Pete Dunne. They attack him like wolves but Dunne gets the better of them! He whips Roddy into the cage and catches him with a German suplex upon return. Dunne applies an ankle lock to Fish but O’Reilly breaks it up. O’Reilly looks to use the steel chain on Dunne but the Bruiserweight uses it to apply a kimura to O’Reilly. Fish hits Dunne with a chair to break the hold, then O’Reilly applies a Boston crab using the chain. Ricochet and the War Raiders are back on their feet but Cole, Strong, and Fish are holding them at bay in the other ring with steel chairs.
A brawl breaks out between the rings but Ricochet dives over them to attack O’Reilly and release Dunne from the hold. Strong hits Ricochet with a chair, but then gets back body dropped from one ring into the other! Hanson and Rowe lift O’Reilly and Strong onto the turnbuckles, but then Cole and Fish knock them off. Ricochet and Dunne then attack Fish and Cole, and go to the top rope with Strong and O’Reilly. Dunne hits Strong with a suplex, while Ricochet hits O’Reilly with a hurricanrana. War Raiders set up a second table inside the ring, while the other is still placed between the two rings. Hanson places Cole on the table but the legs gave out. So he pushed Cole off and reset it. Rowe lifts Cole between the two rings for a powerbomb through the table but Cole fights off. Rowe tosses Cole up in the air and Hanson catches him with a powerslam! Fish hits Rowe with a Kendo stick, then spears him through the table!
Inside the second ring, Cole lifts Ricochet onto the top rope and wants to superplex him through the table below. Ricochet slides out through and gets Cole in the tree of woe. Ricochet beats O’Reilly onto the announce table but then Strong knee’s the Champion in the head. O’Reilly grabs Ricochet in a triangle while still lying on the table. Hanson then scales the ropes and leaps with a splash to O’Reilly through the table! Strong hits Hanson with a trash can to break the pin attempt! Every man in the match is down.
Cole is the first man back to his feet and he starts to scale the cage – if he escapes his team loses. Ricochet climbs the cage and meets Cole up there. The two of them begin exchanging hands. Strong climbs up and tries to shove Ricochet off and to the floor. Ricochet fights him off and crawls backwards. Dunne attacks Cole on top of the cage, then O’Reilly joins Dunne on the rope, as does Rowe. So there’s three men on the top rope, one hanging from the cage, and Hanson, with Fish on his back, powerbombs all four men to the mat!

Everyone is down and out as Ricochet climbs to his feet on top of the cage. Every man on the ring gets to their feet and Ricochet leaps off with a rotating moonsault onto them! Every man is down!
Both teams take a ring and regroup together. The Undisputed Era lean against the ropes and stare at the four men in the other ring doing the same. All eight men stumble to the middle of the two rings and talk trash to each other. They all get into the middle and a huge brawl breaks out! The fans are going mad!

Rowe and Hanson attack Bobby Fish as every other man is down. They hit their finisher on him but then O’Reilly breaks it up. Strong and O’Reilly attack Hanson, but then he takes them both out with a handspring double back elbow! Yes you read that right. Ricochet springboards off of one ropes onto another then towards Cole, who catches him with a superkick in mid air. Cole then hits Dunne with a knee to the head, a brainbuster, and a running knee but Cole kicks out. Dunne hits Cole with the Bitter End, followed by Ricochet’s 450 splash. Ricochet and Dunne pin Cole together, and that’s it!

Winners: The War Raiders, Pete Dunne, & Ricochet

Ricochet and Pete Dunne are both given their respective belts and stare at each other, a look that says they have unfinished business with each other! We see replays of the best moments from the match. Ricochet and Dunne climb to the top of the cage and pose with their titles.

That’s it for tonight’s NXT TakeOver! Let us know what you thought of the show and remember to come back here tomorrow for Survivor Series! Until then, safe travels!

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