Former WWE Superstar James Ellsworth was accused of sending an underage fan Snapchat messages that were not appropriate. The fan, who goes by @KliqKid on Twitter, would go on to reveal she is likely to press charges but has not made contact with police yet. Furthermore, we exclusively obtained footage incriminating Ellsworth even further. You can see that evidence here but bear in mind that it is NSFW.
In an update to this story, that same Twitter user has opened up about another famous wrestler she has had interactions with. While not as messed up as the situation with Ellsworth, the fan has revealed 53-year-old Terry Michael Brunk, who works as Sabu had also sent her messages. The wrestler had called her a “cutie” and asked how old she was.
You can see proof of this interaction below:

It is also important to note that this isn’t new information. Before any of this really took off, Katie- the victim, had taken to Twitter to talk about how wrestlers have been hitting on her- noting the Ellsworth DMs and also mentioning Sabu. Obviously, the Ellsworth information took off, but the Sabu information was put to the back, as the claims towards Ellsworth were much more serious.

Sabu has knowingly been involved in drama over the past few months. He has made sexist comments towards Renee Young and used racist language. In fact, he also refused to apologize for these incidents.
What is your reaction to this news? Have you ever seen anything similar happen? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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